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Agua table

Being part of the “Arenas” seating system, this table is inspired by the marks generated by a drop of water falling on the surface of the sea, a river or a lake.


Arenas curve seating system

A new development of an urban and institutional scale system about superficial skins that are in contact with the body.


Zed Seat with Footrest

Meet the new Zed Seat with footrest, ideal for sitting relaxed with feet up.


Casa FOA

“Huellas” seating system in Cristian O’Connor space. From September 15 until October 16.

ArteBA 2023

In this new edition we present the lastest releases of “Nuevas Pieles”.

SCA Lifetime Achievement Award 2023

As part of the celebration of the Argentine Architect’s Day, Diana Cabeza was presented with the SCA Lifetime Achievement Award 2023.