About Us

Estudio Cabeza is an Argentine company with offices located in the Palermo Viejo neighbourhood of the city of Buenos Aires. The firm focuses on the design and development of urban elements for public spaces covering a wide range of scales and quality of site contexts
Estudio Cabeza is divided in two areas: design, production and marketing of products designed in-house, and also special design services for third parties. With products published in leading national and international books and magazines EC has been granted design awards worldwide.
 We have an interdisciplinary approach to design and work side by side with our clients offering standardized solutions to meet specific needs of use, customized solutions of standardized elements and, in many cases, site specific designs.
Through our benches, utilitarian floors, drinking fountains, micro-architecture and the interaction between them, we interpret public life strictly as an expression of community interests.
We work in urban environments throughout the world, always seeking to achieve design excellence by creating different oasis where people can take a walk, rest, interact and communicate.
Estudio Cabeza´s designs and products have been published in the following magazines:
Landscape Design (China); LAM Landscape Architecture Magazine; Architectural Record and Dwell (USA); The Plan; Domus; Abitare and Casabella (Italy); Artnexus (Mexi co); Visions and Experimenta (Spain); Summa + and Barzon (Argentina).

Diana Cabeza
Diseño, Investigación y Desarrollo

Design, research and development underlies all the work and production of Estudio Cabeza.
 Diana constantly does research on community life and the potential of sites, uses and open ergonomics.
She personally surveys regional materials and technologies.
“I am a natural scale freehand drawing designer, working at scale 1:1, my tools are my senses, intuition and observation.
With an anthropological and contextual focus, I design urban elements and supports for public spaces from a social and not an abstract point of view. I am interested in man and how he relates to others in a specific site.
I think in terms of “use supports” far from abstraction, neutral and non-typological, these non-objects help us to think in terms of verb forms like “rest, protect, gather…”
Design enables us to fully experience life. My approach to technology is based on an experimental methodology, with a human centered design process and concept. Technology and raw materials are a media to humanize the different layers of humankind protection, human habitat, human apparel and objects”.

Designs have also been published in the following books:
The Urban Landscape by Hi-Design International Publishing (China); Objets Urbains: Vivre la Ville Autrement, by Sophie Barbaux and Sarah Lubchannsky (France); Street Furniture and Urban Spaces by Chris Van Uffelen (Switzerland); La condición contemporánea de la arquitectura by Josep María Montaner, Elementos Urbanos I and II, Product Design (Spain); Young Designers Americas (Germany); The Humanization of Public Space (Argentina).
Diana Cabeza BIO appears in the book “Dictionnaire Universel des Créatrices” by Antoinette Fouque.


Among the most outstanding awards Estudio Cabeza has received
the following:

“Good Design Seal” National Design Plan, Ministry of Industry of Argentina.
Official distinction in design quality for the following elements:
“Rama and Flor” system of planters, “Canasto” planter line, “Encuentros” system of benches, “Nave” set of benches and table, “Patrimonial” line of benches, “Lace Cloth” set of seats and tables, “Topográfico” line of benches, “Comunitario” system of benches, Alfil bollard, “Recoleto” line of benches.

First honorific distinction in the contest for sculptures organized by Related Group company
to be installed in the Park SLS Puerto Madero

Bia-Ar 2014 International Argentine Architecture Biennial.
Distinction award for the design of the Metrobus Transit System bus shelters.

Diana Cabeza has been granted with the Creative Woman Award 2014, Palermo University, Buenos Aires and Citibank.

Sustainable Transport ITDP 1st Award 2014 and Mention 2012 granted to the city of Buenos Aires by the Institute of Transport and Development Policy , New York, USA, for the Metrobus sustainable transport system.

Platinum Award on Industrial Design 2012 for Diana Cabeza, by Konex Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Diploma Award on industrial design 2012 and 2002 for Diana Cabeza, by Konex Foundation, Buenos Aires.

Celina Araúz de Pirovano Award 2010, by DARA (Associated Argentine interior designers)

City of Buenos Aires Urban Equipment Competition.
1st award for the design of bus shelters, bus stops, street signage and urban equipment.

Outdoor Furniture ICFF Editors Award, New York 2003 for the Yacaré bench.
CPAU/SCA Architecture and Urbanism Professional Council and Architects Central Society, Buenos Aires, 2000 granted three honorary distinctions for urban equipment.